Maternity Leave... here I come!

So! I had this whole other blog post written about how I was going to slowly wean "out of business" in this last month of my pregnancy to prepare for maternity leave, starting with taking away printed product from my shop {like stationery and onesie stickers} and then stop taking you-print orders {like invitations and printable parties} and I just selected all and DELETED it! On purpose! This mama is goin' on "Maternity Leave"... NOW! :P
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The idea of just closing my shop, whammo, just like that puts me into the cold sweats and itchy hives! What about my customers? What about the people who are in dire need of my St. Patrick's Day Printable Party that they saw featured on Hostess with the Mostess? This is some real world problems people! Or... I wouldn't want a 7 year old to miss out on a seriously cute camping party or an adorably preppy newborn not to have their first year documented with my seersucker onesie stickers!
Okay, I hope you can detect the sarcasm in my writing, I know I know, not the end of the world, but this IS my business and my passion, so it is hard for me to just put it on hold! And then I calmed down {well, for all my friends out there who know the real psychotic nellie, you know that meant lots of tears, and lots of motivation by my mom and hubby} and thought, the world is not going to end because my shop is on HOLD! :)
source: etsy
I realized I wanted to spend this last month {maybe less... hopefully not longer!} preparing for baby #2! And a lot of that preparation means spending good-ol-one-on-one-quality-time with my first born and favorite little guy, Finley Jack!
photo by {tsj}photography
That's my guy when he was a newbie. Makes my hormonal pregnant heart melt! This is it for us as a team of two! Our lives will be forever changed in just a few short weeks, so, I want to put 100% focus on him right now!

So, I'm just taking a little breaksie from the etsy shop! I'll still be posting to the blog with projects I've worked on, family updates and other fun stuff, but I've got to close up shop now to tie up loose ends. As I was telling my mom tonight, "I don't want to be in labor thinking about the customers I left stranded wondering where their Willy Wonka Invites are!" ;P

Thanks for understanding! I hope you will all return to my shop when it re-opens after I've settled in to life as a mommy-of-two! I feel so blessed for the business I have had for this year my shop has been open and look forward to seeing where it will go in the future!


  1. Relax and have fun with Fin these next few weeks! (and then have fun with the baby for awhile too, okay) :-)

  2. your ever lovin momma05 March, 2012

    As I have always've got to enjoy the journey. I'm glad you took the leap and closed up shop so you can enjoy this time. THIS is the time of your life. The rest is still great but for me THAT was the time!! Love you forever and always and then some.

  3. This is SO good for you Ms. Nellie. This time with Fin is needed and you should enjoy these last couple of weeks with your sweet pregnant belly. Oh I can't not wait to see all of you! Lots of hugs from me!
    Love you!