Fridays with Fin :: our week in phone pics 3

Another great week of oddly-warm-weather-for-March-in-Wisconsin! We hit up the Zoo again... Fin picked the Tiger and didn't realize it didn't go up and down until after the ride started, so was a little disappointed when he saw all the other cool animals going up and down! :P Hey, I think its a BIG improvement from when he wouldn't even go near the animals!

Back on the "Zoo Coo Coo" and loving every minute {are you loving on that big boy hair cut as much as I am!}...

We got stuck at the non-animal-related-section of the zoo for WAY too long! ;)

Love those giraffes!

My boy struggles with transitions... did NOT want to leave the Zoo! 

We enjoyed a nice warm day at the Park... And Fin showed me what a dare devil he was going up ladders and things that made my heart drop! ;)

After all the adventures of the park, we needed to cool off with the first popsicle of the year! {yes, that is sand all over his face from having a little too much fun in the sand box at the park!}

And finally, I leave you with our favorite time of the night... Bath time! My little Shark Fin LOVES to "brush" his teeth! ;)

Can you tell that I'm enjoying my "maternity leave"! Still no baby, so I'm still soaking up every last second with my one-and-only FIN!

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