Fridays with Fin :: our week in phone pics

Not too much excitement these days... so I leave you with a couple fuzzy/blurry phone pics from our week! :)

SNOW! It has been such a mild winter this year {its because my hubby bought a snow blower!} but we finally got some snow {which had already melted the next day}, but it made for a very happy boy the day the snow was here!

 Discovering his first taste of snow... :P

Back to the Children's Museum for some more fun... Mini City Bus = Fin's favorite place to be!
 Head first... That's how we roll.
Trying out our new "percy" big-boy undies ... just getting excited about the idea at this point! :) {this gigantic preggers doesn't have the strength to p-train right now!} {believe me, I debated putting this pic up, so embarrassing! ... the internet isn't global or anything, right?}
Have a great weekend everyone! :)

1 comment:

  1. Love the undies pic!!! So cute!

    And I love his smiling face driving the bus too! Love that museum!!!