Fridays with Fin :: Rosy Cheeks

Did you know that I originally was going to name my design business "Rosy Cheeks Design"... but then I thought the terms "cheeks" could be misinterpreted, so I scratched it and went with the VERY creative name nellie*design! :) Anyway! I'm starting with this today to lead into some pretty great shots of Fin from Christmas with the Leis side of the fam...
Those bad boys {cheeks, not the actual boys} are NOT photoshopped my friends! This was about 1 hour after bedtime, of a very exhausted Finley, after a serious sugar high! He comes by those cheeks honestly though, we can't fault him! Both Matthew AND me have very good blood flow to the cheeks!

Anyway, I didn't mean for this entire post to be about our family's rosy cheeks, I swear. We hope you had a very merry Christmas! We sure did... {and a big thanks to my neice, courtney, for letting me rip these from her facebook page, 'cause I was a horrible mama and didn't take a single photo!?}

Here's Finley opening one of many "Thomas" themed toys...

Here's where the sugar high all began... who decided to give this kid a cupcake at 8pm?

The sugar high setting in and the cheeks getting rosier!
Getting the ride of his life on Uncle Ken...
Cousins. Only 3 months a part. This is a keeper for their wedding slideshows...

Hope your holiday season was a blessed one and we wish you a Happy New Year!!


  1. Oh my goodness...those cheeks!!! They are so red that they look painful! Such a sweetie! I love the pics of him and his "big" cous too...just adorable!

  2. I've gotta see those cheeks in person. Oh I just can't get enough of the pictures. I miss you SO much! I want to see that beautiful belly of yours.

    Miss you!