Nautical Knot Wedding

You may remember me sharing the designs for my sis-in-law's nautical-knot save-the-dates here, or highlighting her preppy-pink-seersucker bridal shower here! Well, it was all in preparation for the BIG EVENT... their wedding! The day was gorgeous, the couple was glowing and the nautical theme was a'flowing! But, as I'm sure you all know by now, the tone for this day gets set by a little something that you receive in the mail... the invite!
I can NOT take {full} credit for the design of this invite! My sis-in-law saw some photos of an old co-worker of mine's wedding on Facebook. Yes, she fully admits to FB stalking her photos! So, I contacted this old co-worker {and good friend!} and asked if we could totally steal her wedding! ;P She happily obliged! Now, let me justify this by saying that I use to work very closely with this friend and even contributed a little bit to HER wedding invite design to begin with, so its not totally ghetto, right?! Here's a peek into my friend Katie's wedding...

Pretty amazing, hey? Can you see why my sis-in-law was so awe-struck by this wedding! {And P.S... I provided a link above to my friend's home-makeover-blog, if you're impressed with her wedding, you'll definitely like her blog!} So! With the inspiration in place, we moved forward with a few changes! Changed a couple colors, added a nautical knot motif and had the invite secured by a "belly band" rather than "gate fold"! Big changes, hey? Take a peek...
After the invites were made, everything else fell into place! Programs, place cards, favor tags and more all shared the same colors and motif to tie everything in together.
And take a look at these adorable table number cards! Each table had a different and adorable photo of the happy couple...
Here's some of the wedding moments taken by their photographer, Manning Photography, capturing the fun and happy feel of the day! The guys wore khaki suits with navy ties and the girls wore navy dresses! So crisp, preppy and comfortable!
You know its hard for me to make a blog post with out my little guy included! Check out the adorable khaki-seersucker suits the little ring bearer's wore!
And here's some beautiful pics of the happy couple! Their smiles and glowing faces exude the feeling of the day!
So, there you have it, a classy, nautical wedding that I was so happy to be a part of and have contributed to!


  1. Oh my, What a cute post! I learned from the best ;) It's just one big mushy circle of preppy wedding (and invite) love! Beautiful wedding party, i LOVE the last picture..that has to make the xmas card this year! And Fin is always a little charmer.You are the queen of adorable weddings...good work my friend!

  2. Love it!! You are the best Nellie (and Katie too...thank you for sharing!!) You sure helped make our wedding day perfect!!! :)

  3. Ms Nellie,
    TALENTED...that is all I have to say, and btw you looked STUNNING at Emily's wedding! You have a gift my friend.