Fridays with Fin :: End of Summer

Sadly, it's starting to get cold here in Wisconsin, and our summer has come to a close! On, pretty much, the last warm day we had here, Finley finally got up the courage to run through the sprinkler on his own! {oh yes, mommy, daddy or grandpa had to run with him previously!} So, check out my little dude having the time of his life!

One of Fin's favorite things to do with Daddy this summer was to water and check on our vegetable garden! This was the first year we made a "raised-bed garden" and we had minor success! Here was our most successful grower...

And with the end of summer, comes "fall classes"! We signed Fin up for a gym class and swimming lessons through our park and rec department. Here's Fin and daddy splashin' it up in the pool!
Here's some of Fin's pre-swimming smiles...

And here's Fin's class... I was pretty impressed by all the dads participating, but I have a feeling it's because moms don't like to get into their swim suits! ;P 

Don't know if any of y'all noticed I missed last week's Fridays with Fin post... If you were waiting on your tippy-toes for it, I apologize! I just totally slacked off. And, I might be simmering down on the weekly Fridays with Fin post's to "A Friday with Fin", haha, so I'm not obligated to do it every Friday, 'cause Lord knows I don't like to be tied down to writing every week! ;) What an awesome "blogger" I am!

Have a great weekend! As sad as I am to see summer go, is as excited as I am to see fall in Wisconsin come! I love sweater & jeans season, pumpkin farms, leaves changing colors, fire places roaring and more!


  1. Yup.... Jim totally was the participating parent in swim lessons and I was the photographer!

    I love Fridays with Fin even if it becomes "A Friday with Fin"! Can't wait to see you and get the two boys together soon!

  2. I think you are absolutely right about the dads at swimming. Also, it's a nice bonding activity (or that is probably just what us moms say to get out of it)!