Fridays with Fin :: Apples & Pumpkins

The fam decided to hit up the local apple farm and had a blast picking apples and finding our pumpkins for the season! We'd never been to this farm before, so mostly enjoyed turning our day into a photo-op!

Fin LOVED to eat the apples straight off the tree...

Yes, I used some seriously ghetto post processing tools in photoshop to "pretty" these photos up. Remember, I'm a designer, not a photographer, so bear with me! 

Mom and dad were loving our day at the farm just as much as Fin! It was so nostalgic and cool.

And here is Fin in front of the pumpkins we picked ourselves... he was one proud puppy!

And yes, if you made it this far, and are freaks, like most of my friends & family, then you analyzed that there ARE in fact 4 pumpkins... Yep, this is my formal announcement that we are expecting another little punkin' in March! Fin's gonna be a big bro! :)


  1. Congrats again Nellie!! Fin looks like such a big boy in these picture...can't believe he is almost two and a big brother!!!

  2. Congrats!! I'm sure the new addition will make the family even more beautiful. :-)

  3. I love that shirt on Finley! The blue and green are so pretty with his blond-ey self!

    And aren't you sneaky with the little announcement at the end? :-) Cannot wait to meet your new little pumpkin!

  4. You are an amazing photographer Nellie!

  5. Congrats! Such a cute way to announce your news!

  6. Hi Nellie. This is my first time on your site, I absolutely love it! I wanted to see how big Fin is now. OMG, Nellie...he is so cute and full of expression(s)!! He is so so adorable!! I was thinking, "Aaaw, how cute that Fin picked out a pumpkin for Fender". Then, what a wonderful surprise I read at the end of your blog. Congratulations Nellie, Matthew, Fin and of course Fender. I can't wait to meet your new little baby in March...the newest Nagelson birthday month. Love you all, Jeannie

  7. CONGRATS!!! So excited for you & love how you announced it :-)