Friday's with Fin :: Personalized Gifts!

Finley is one special boy who was spoiled with SO many personalized gifts already in his short life! I think it's a sign of his mama having really cool friends and family who a. know I love nautical things, b. know I love seeing my kid's name everywhere and c. are really creative gift givers!

This first gift is a handmade book created by my friend Heather. You've got to check out her blog, 'cause she's one inspirational mama! She talks about the diy process here, so if you're interested in making one of these bad boys yourself, check it out!

The image on the left {below} is another handmade original by my crafty friend, Heather. {uh hum, best personalized gift giver!}. I know you're all thinking about a letter and motif right now and considering heading to Michaels to get some felt asap, 'cause that's pretty cute, hey?! :) And the one to the right of that... my {super cute} sis-in-law, Lora, is another one of my inspirational personalized gifters! She's the kind of gal that even makes the packaging personalized and amazing! Take a peek at this uniquely thoughtful {yet so easy to "diy"} framed art! She just headed to the local beach, snapped a pic, printed and framed! LOVE.
We've got wooden FINLEY letters all over our house! The image on the left shows off Fin's room with his darling pottery barn "f.i.n." wooden letters {a gift from my s-i-l, Amy}. I love the simplicity of the lower case letters! Grandma Leis blessed Mr. Fin with the adorable wooden name train. Grandma got this from a boutique in Door County, WI, but I sourced them for you here! And another crafty friend of mine painted and accessorized the nautical, all-caps, blue wooden letters! 

And below, showcases my love for sailboats... from the adorable embroidered towel to the fun red pail to the porky little piggy... the sailboat motif is where its at people! 
Along with the framed sand print from Aunt Lora, she also gave this adorably preppy growth chart! I love the pop of green in Fin's room now! I ended up getting her little guy the same one in blue, because I loved it so much!

And finally, below is a sassy toddler showcasing his personalized fleece blanket... A gift from Tracie, who told me she was SO tempted to get a nautical design, but then raged against the pigeon hole I'm in of all things nautical and went with this adorable monkey blanket! And, can I admit, I think my little climbing monkey likes monkeys better than boats! gasp!

Like I said. Spoiled!  

*P.S... let me know if y'all want to know where to purchase any of the above gifts that I don't have links for! I thought it might be ghetto to ask my friends where they got their gifts, but now I'm sure they'd be honored to share!


  1. Love these great ideas!!! That blanket looks so soft and cozy! And I LOVE the photo of his name in the sand too! What a fabulous idea!!!

  2. love 'em all nellie!! 'specially the sand one ... SO clever! totally using it!