In Demand :: Custom Baby Onesie Stickers

This is my favorite category in my etsy shop and it seems to be "the peeps" fave too! Onesie stickers are a hot commodity right now and y'all better just hop on the band wagon! If you've got a baby, you better be taking their monthly photo with a onesie sticker on! In my shop, I offer a little something different than the normal onesie stickers... with mine, you can customize!

Below is my seersucker collection! You can choose between pink & blue seersucker stripes and choose your own embellishment! And if you look closely at Miss Gracie's {on the right} she customized even further and had me create a brand new embellishment because she wanted a monkey motif! Take a peek at the sheet of embellishments below for a selection of fun motifs to select from, and if you don't see one you like, I can create a brand new one just for you for only $8 extra!
P.S... That's Porter and Gracie! They're cousins. 1 day a part. I just want to pinch them. {See how cute Gracie is even without wearing her onesie sticker... love it propped up next to her darling monkey onesie and monkey "prop"!}
Here are the embellishments you can choose from to customize your onesie stickers...
Below are my polka dot & diagonals and polka dot & zig zag onesie stickers. Choose from pink or pool patterned background with green or navy numbers! A great feature about the two options below is if you have twins... order one set in the diagonal background and the other in the zig zag background and put one on each twin each month that you take a photo to decipher the two! :P

I'll continue to post as I make more onesie sticker designs. And, as always, you can contact me to create a custom design! Check my shop for my other onesie sticker designs...


  1. Such an adorable gift idea! Can't wait to gift them to our cousin's new baby (and my new nephew when he arrives later this summer too)!

  2. Lora Leis06 May, 2011

    I love how Mr Porter's onesie stickers turned out, can't wait to watch him & Gracie GROW! Thanks again!