Lady Bug Party

I had the great pleasure of working with my friend, and fellow business partner {!} Susan, on her daughter's 4th birthday party invitations and decorations! She had been dreaming up a Lady Bug theme since before her daughter, Lanie, turned 3, so off I went with some cute red, black and pool, polka dot designs! Take a peek at the gorgeous party ...
Isn't little Lanie adorable! I love the sweet treats table, above, with a back drop of red and black streamers, a hand made banner, polka dots galore and an amazing assortment of tasty lady bug sweets!
To set the tone for the party, Susan created these FANTASTIC, interactive party invitations! She painted small, round, paper mache containers with red and black polka dots. Then, put green "grass" {or shredded paper} inside and added some wooden ladybugs. Then, she put a Printable 2.5" Round Party Invitation inside the container and secured it closed with natural twine. To top it all off, mini magnifying glasses were tied to the top for an interactive invitation! Each guest could use the magnifying glass to read the fine print of the invite and search for lady bugs inside! So fun!
I just LOVE how this green grass runner looks on the red striped table cloth! Susan used a printable 8x10 sign as a centerpiece against a pretty flower arrangement.

The sweets table's focal point was the adorable two-tiered red and black polka dot cake. Simple and stunning. How cute are the green "grass" cake pops with a fondant flower and lady bug atop of each? Each cake pop was completed with a matching printable "mini flag".
 The drink station was spruced up with water bottle and juice box wraps. I love the red punch in the glass drink dispenser. Everything matches so perfectly!
Like I said before, this was an awesome sweets table! Aren't these lady bug oreo pops perfection? And that little lady bug prop with lollipops sticking out! So cute.

Each "little lady" received a custom made lady bug hair clip and each "little bug" got their very own set of lady bug antenna!

 Susan thought of everything, down to lady bug themed games. There was a Lady Bug Toss, a Lady Bug Bean Search, a tattoo station and plenty of lady bug beach balls to play with!
 Fun and festive printable pennant banners were displayed at the entrance and gift table.

Each little guest received a small, and adorable, carton filled with lady bug themed goodies!

This party was a little kids dream! So much to do and so many goodies to eat!

I hope you were inspired by this lovely event! My family had the pleasure of attending this party and we left feeling very spoiled!

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 Aside from the printable designs that help to spruce up this party, Susan mentioned, on her blog, that she just began to stockpile anything red, black or lady bug themed when she'd see them in the clearance sections at stores! The kids LOVED getting their own red bug net!
 How fun to jump around the trampoline with little lady bug beach balls at your feet! I know Navy couldn't get enough of it!

 Even the older "kids" joined in the fun of wearing their lady bug antenna!

 Many of the appetizers had a lady bug theme as well. Aren't these lady bug look-alike crackers with tomatoes and olives adorable!

 Great job, Susan, on creating a fantastic Lady Bug Party for your adorable little Lanie-Bug!

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Pallet Sign Craft Day Fun!

As I wrote about last week, I've started a fun new adventure with my friend Susan at her new farm house called "Fridays at the Farm".  We are offering crafting sessions every other Friday {althougth this might change after having our first night, haha! We.Are.Exhausted!} at her home. Our first session was yesterday, and it went great! Read a little more about it in depth, on Susan's blog, but here are a few highlights...
It's always S'more fun at the farm...

Each table setting had a glass bottle filled with their own paint brushes and other tools, on top of a "Fridays at the Farm" branded place mat! The "It's Friday" pennant banner hung in the main crafting room and welcomed guests at the front door...
After a mini lesson from Susan an me, everyone got to work!
The creativity from each and every lady was so fun to watch!
Susan will be opening an Etsy Shop soon, where she will be selling these adorable banners and other crafts {and maybe painted pallet signs?!} ...
Such a fun day! I had a great time meeting new and wonderful people. I look forward to the upcoming weeks at Fridays at the Farm!

Customer Approved :: Preppy Sailor Boy Party

Take a look at this perfectly preppy sailor boy party sent in from a customer of mine who used my printable party decorations. I originally made these designs for my daughter's birthday party, but offered the printables in a more gender neutral color palette in my shop, and I just love what Fernanda, the fabulous hostess, did with them! I love the blue and red polka dot balloons, the burlap banner, the preppy sailor bears and all of the yummy sweets!

These printable cupcake topper "sails" look adorable displayed in delicious looking cupcakes on a simple white plate...

I love this idea of using a cupcake topper {or 2" party tag} as a topper for a cake pop!

How cute are these water bottles! Not only did Fernanda spruce them up with a printable wrap/label, but she added these adorable patterned material tops with ribbon!

What a cute idea to wrap a burlap ribbon around these glass bottles... and I just love the polka dot paper straws with printable straw flags!

All of the sweet treats and yummy goodies were labeled with personalized, printable food label tent cards...

That cake! Those cake pops! And those adorably preppy teddy bears! I love it all!

This paper pinwheel wreath at the entrance is so cute with a photo of the little birthday boy in the center...

Everything is displayed so nicely in this awesome wooden {boat looking} hutch...
Great job Hostess Fernanda! You did a fantastic job creating an adorable nautical themed party for your son! What a special day it must have been!

Fridays at the Farm

Hey all! I just wanted to share a little about a new endeavor I'm taking part in this year, that I'm very excited about! I've joined forces with an amazingly ambitious friend of mine to start a Friday morning craft group at her new, and adorable, farm house! We're so creatively calling it, "Fridays at the Farm"!
Follow my friend Susan's blog, here, to learn more about each craft project, how to sign up, and a little about her awesome family of NINE! Our first Friday is FILLLED UP, but I'm too excited not to show off what we'll be up to. We'll be painting pallet signs. Oh so trendy right now, amiright?!
These signs will spruce up any room with a sweet and simple phrase. Susan and my original hope was to copy be inspired by a few of the amazing signs we found on Pinterest {like the ones shown above} but after a long night of trial and error we decided to modify our project for our 2-hour Friday morning session by bringing the size of the sign down and only offering a selection of signs that are 1-3 word phrases! Here are the phrases we came up with...

Check out our schedule for the first semester of classes and click here to sign up! My Gift Wrap class is looking pretty slim, so SIGN up! :) I've been really wanting to be a part of a group like this for a while {ever since becoming a mom} and am so happy to have met a fellow mama who shared the same vision! Susan is a MACHINE and ever since meeting her, she's inspired me to up my game, in all areas of my life, really! I am SO looking forward to this venture with her and hope to inspire other mamas alike!!

Today is Fin's first day of 4K {woot woot!! tear sniff sniff!! I'm experiencing split personality disorder} so I'm hoping to get back to blogging a bit more! Stay tuned!